Raymond M. Lacroix  
University of Western Ontario State University at Potsdam New York Université de Sherbrooke Bachelor of Music (Mus. Education) Associateship in performance (Clarinet) Masters in Music Education Bachelor in Theology (December 2000)
Professional experience
Teacher - Upper Canada District School Board, High school music teacher, department head and supervisor High school French Imm. teacher, dept. head and supervisor Teacher at Queen's University  (Music), Teacher at Ottawa University (Music), Teacher of several mini computer courses for Industry Canada at the Ingleside CAP sites, Coordinator of the Ingleside CAP Project with 4 Industry Canada CAP sites, Coordinator of the "Access To Tomorrow inc." ISP company in the Cornwall, Ontario with full responsibilities for the business, Area representative of the University of Sherbrooke (theology)
French & English
Community activities
Chess Coach, Volleyball Coach, Internet coaching for Community Access Programs (Industry Canada), Bible instructor, President of the French radio station CHOD FM, Family Council Facilitator for 11 Long Term Care Homes.
Extracurricular activities
Performed in community musical groups, guest coach in music for the Air Cadets in Cornwall
Chess, music, theology, computers, web page design and ISP technician
Volunteer experience
Running Chess Tournaments in the province of Ontario for the past 28 years; Champlain Area Facilitator in Long Term Care’s Family Councils; Member of the Grant Review Team for the Trillium Foundation; presenting Bible courses.